Walkman cassettes playlist

80s/90s pop, metal and rock to listen to on the go! ⭐

A tout le monde -Megadeth

Countess Bathory -Venom

Bad medicine -Bon Jovi

Interstate love song -Stone temple pilots

Flesh for fantasy -Billy Idol

One Good woman -Billy Squire

Dr. Feelgood -Mötley Crüe

Last rites/loved to deth -Megadeth

Wake up dead -Megadeth

Elimination -Overkill

Fade into you -Mazzy Star

Forty six & 2 -Tool

Jeremy -Pearl Jam

A lesson in violence -Exodus

Looking for a good sign -Daryl Hall & John Oates

Modern love -David Bowie

Painkiller -Judas Priest

Raspberry beret -Prince

Sehnsucht -Rammstien

Sweating bullets -Megadeth

You give love a bad name -Bon Jovi

Waterfalls -TLC

I feel for you -Chaka Khan

And more!