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I have to admit that sometimes in life it's good to complain, because it takes the pressure off an anvil, and I can sometimes blow things and not just out of proportion.

Patricia Blanchet

To balance the scales, we have to say what we feel when it's good, and for that I have to do justice to Angelo's mum who was so kind as to tell me that she was crazy about our newsletters. So yes, I can only agree with her because, of course, I find them totally sparkling and stylish. A masterpiece that is still waiting to be included in the Pléiade (Gallimard, what the fuck are you doing?). So thank you to her and to all the anonymous, silent voices that rise and fall to the rhythm of my words, as if to the beat of this thing that is placed on pianos and ticks from left to right or right to left, depending on your political persuasion.
Patricia Blanchet

Well, apart from that, and just so we're not talking about shoes all the time, you may or may not have seen that Alain Chabat has just launched a late show for 10 days, happily stealing the whole concept from A to Z from the States. So he's got a bunch of celebrity pals on stage to launch a whole load of jokes written by an armada of writers paid brazilian nuts. Well, it's a copy of a copy. It's a kind of over-consumption show, with Chabat repeating the role he started with Les Nuls nearly 40 years ago.
Patricia Blanchet

Patricia Blanchet

In the meantime, he has had a very successful career as a director of children's films: Didier, Asterix, The Marsupilami, to name but a few. So yes, we like Alain Chabat, not least because he comes from the same Algerian village as us, and he looks good for his age with his white hair and boyish curls. But it has to be said that all the old hands from Canal have now retreated to TF1. What they used to call the company of idiots. So obviously, as the Flandise advert said a few decades ago, only fools don't change their minds. But all the same, it's only a short step from saying that the exes of Canal are mercenaries, a step taken in a pair of Patricia. They're entertainers looking for the money to pay for their adolescent delusions. In the meantime, it's a nice revenge for TF1. Apart from that, and to end on a really important note, today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls. This kicks off 16 days of activism that will end on December 10, International Human Rights Day. You can find a wealth of important information at this United Nations link: https://www.un.org/fr/observances/ending-violence-against-women
Patricia Blanchet

Because you're never better served than by Bowie:
Patricia Blanchet

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