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Today there are plenty of reasons to fear the worst, aided and abetted by a press that has replaced one disaster with another.

So, at my little level, that of a heel, which varies between 2 and 10 cm, I always try to turn you away from the dreadful and give you hope for the best.

Of course, that means glitter, metallic lightning bolts and splashes of vibrant colour that make your eyes pop.
Today is March 11th, and it's still Women's Day. So don't hesitate to assert yourself by covering yourself in Patricia Blanchet and spreading the good word on all your socials.

March 11th is also Nina Hagen's birthday. And I'll tell you, I've never really liked her music, but I don't know why I adore this girl.

She has always made a huge impression on me and I think it's only right that she should be featured in my news. It's an honour for her and I hope she makes good use of it.

March 11 is also Saint Rosine's day. And don't forget that if you've drunk on Saint Rosine's Day, you'll be drinking on Saint Blandine's Day (which is on June 2nd) - it makes for a great dry spring.

I came across this again this week and I have the impression that I heard it in another life. Have I changed dimension?

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