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The News celebrating the BN - 15/07/22

Patricia pays tribute to all women.

All right, Bastille Day is over. The Figaro and Le Parisien (newspapers )will be able to count the number of cars burnt in the suburbs, and Mr Macron will have organised his big party in the gardens of the Elysée Palace, not without first answering questions from journalists gorged on canapés prepared by a former Top Chef star.

If, like me, you nursed your hungover watching the military parade on Bastille Day, here's something to gently lower the sieve of your heart. I'm telling you right now, it's the end of the sales. I don't want to rush you, because I don't like to kick out those who are having fun, but I have to warn you that the low prices are coming to an end.

I myself hate being kicked out while I'm dancing and it's almost daylight and I haven't finished my second bowl of sangria. But you also have to know how to take action. And let me tell you straight, I consider myself a whistleblower. The kind that wakes you up for good. So go ahead and lick your screen as you watch these last few hours of the sales.

So, other than that. What was the most interesting thing that happened on July 15th? Not much, if I look back. Not much except the birth of Brigitte Nielsen on July 15th 1963. So it's quite simple, Brigitte Nielsen is the one who led me down the road of gay love.
When I saw her for the first time on the big screen at the Bretagne cinema on Boulevard du Montparnasse, DAY ONE, when I was being punished for not working properly, my eyes couldn't believe it. And even though she was the villain in Rocky IV, my heart beat for this sculptural Dane.
She fell into the hands of Schwarzenegger, who didn't know what to do with her when he started a relationship with a Kennedy, and was introduced to Stallone, who made her his wife. Another collaboration followed: Cobra. Then she appeared, again as a villain, in The Beverly Hills Cop 2 directed by the sparkling Tony Scott. After that she moved to Italy, where she took part in a mini-series: Fantaghiro in which she played the terrible Black Queen.

She went on to do many other things. A woman in motion as I like them. Even if I would have preferred this movement to have taken place on top of me.
Because The Rita had never known the joy of being on this News. Now that's fixed. Listen to it loud and bang your head against the wall:

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