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Patricia thinks of you even when you're not thinking of her.

It's a funny coincidence that France's favourite newsletter should fall on the day after my birthday. The same as George Gershwin's. Just one day after Michael Douglas's, the most famous jaw of the 80s in American cinema. But that's the way it is, and mass is said on Tuesdays and Fridays. We will never deviate from this rule, except in exceptional circumstances. Unless Divine Comedy agreed to come and play in my living room.

But we shouldn't begrudge this beautiful date of September 27 either, because it's also the birthday of the spiritual godmother of us all, the vivacious Gwyneth Paltrow. She annoys as much as she fascinates, I know. I know she married an annoying singer. I know she has a completely off-the-wall show on Netflix that's full of nonsense.
But personally I feel incapable of holding it against her. For one simple reason. And it's not because she was Brad Pitt's fiancée, no. But because she took part in the best thriller of all time, Se7en. There was Psycho, perhaps, and The Game, by the same Fincher, but no one has ever come close to that macabre masterpiece, which still hasn't aged a day in 25 years. For that, Gwyneth, you have my undying admiration, and I know it makes your chakras tingle sister, because I learned just before the holidays that you were a great aficionado of my newsletters. Obviously I can't blame you for having such good taste and for making the effort to read them in French.
I'd go on and on about all sorts of things, but I guess the 27th wasn't a very memorable day, apart from the fact that it followed the 26th, which has been the Lord's Day since I was born.

To give substance to what I'm saying above, here's an extract from the best album of the 90s, across the board. Enjoy:

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