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HERE'S THE GOOD STUFF ... - 17/09/21

Well, today is a very special day in our Gregorian calendar. Today is Saint Renaud's day.

It falls on the 260th day of the year and, strangely enough, Renaud was born on September 26. So many coincidences. Which lends credence to those who believe that Patricia Blanchet is an extraterrestrial brand.

Let doubts creep in, spreading through people's minds, because after all, this could explain why your favorite brand invents models that make you feel like you've never touched the ground before.

But let's get back to our five-legged sheep. Today is Saint Renaud's day. A defenseless little creature who has become an accomplished adult, Renaud is feared by all.

He'll go to any length to bring you as much happiness as possible. By the way, Renaud is of Germanic origin, and is formed from the words Ragina (power) and Walda ("counsel").

And in french slang, "renauder" means to protest, to be angry, to refuse... and that's exactly what I want for you, my dear sisters, it's to refuse conformism, the ugly, the abusive, the useless, the worthless, the ugly. Because nothing is too good for those who wear Patricia Blanchet shoes.

So, happy day to Renaud, and happy weekend to all of you who, again this Friday, will have the power to gaze upon this newsletter written in the ink of love.

Et avec un peu de funk :

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