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In exactly two weeks' time, you'll either be watching a film or reading a book, enjoying a new landscape, a delicious moon, a dry martini, a good meal, people you love, a video game, a concert, or the holy grail - a pair of Patricia's.

So here's the question: are you well surrounded? Are there people around you of infinite class, of superior intelligence, kind-hearted people who have had the ingenuity and greatness to think of offering you the very best in shoes?

I hope so for your sake, and if not, I hope you've had the decency to treat yourself to a nice pair of booties, pumps or boots. If, however, someone you know has forgotten to give you the Holy Grail, you know what you have to do.

You could give them an Alexandre Jardin novel for their next birthday, a Monopoly of Paris under Anne Hidalgo, or Sézane candles to perfume their garage. In short, there are plenty of ways to take revenge, to punish the person who lacked taste when you deserved the best, and to get yourself pampered by our shoes. But I have faith in you as I do in those who make life an enchanted ride. I give you a big kiss.

Something to soar and plan on :

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