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Welcome to July, month of Cancers and Lions, sun signs unlike any other.

July is a crucial month for you. So instead of going to an acupuncturist, a foot masseuse or a shiatsu therapist in search of your P-spot, there's a revolutionary hybrid solution that will ensure ecstasy for your feet and incomparable wellbeing for the rest of your body.

This solution involves buying my pumps, ankle boots or sandals. And, as luck would have it, they're on sale.

This perfectly Lelouchian coincidence leads me to tell you that there are no great brands without great encounters, and no tall blondes without black shoes.

So what happened on July 1st in previous years? Well, Léa Seydoux was born on July 1st, but is it really necessary to roll out the red carpet for her when she is the face of our most direct competitor, Vuitton? Of course not.

Even though we like her a lot here and think she'd be more at home with us than on a gigantic billboard on 5th Street. Today I'm going to celebrate an American, the muy simpatica Liv Tyler.
I discovered her in her father's video in 1993, when Aerosmith were making a comeback after a trip across the desert of Gobi and an album that brought them back into fashion. I immediately fell for her attention deficit disorder and loved her slightly square jaw.

And then the start of her film career with her participation in a Bertolucci film and two Altman films (ultimate class). She also played in the last good series ever produced: The Leftovers. The last reason I love her intensely is her adoptive father. The man who took care of her when her biological father was a junkie, a certain Todd Rundgren. A wonderful melodist who makes me cry crystal tears every time I listen to him.

So I'll leave you in his company and wish you a fucking amazing weekend of singing and blasting.

And here's the king of melody :

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