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Barely have we entered this new presidency, and already we're being stuck with Labor Day being on a Sunday, and this incessant desire to revolt that makes us want to attack the Ministry of Labor with a pallet jack.

Yes, but wearing a pair of Patricia Blanchet demanding that bank holidays fall on weekdays. It's the least we can do for a people as epicurean as the French to have time to enjoy themselves.

Today, May 3rd, we're about halfway through spring. Which means that in 4 and a half months it will be autumn.

So I'll tell you my dear sisters, the truth is like a blanket that's too small. You can pull on it from all sides, but your feet will always be cold.

Today, May 3rd, is the birthday of Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian mathematician born in 1977 and who died 40 years later in the USA.

This woman shone throughout her life, winning all the most prestigious mathematics prizes. Starting with the Fields Medal, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in mathematics. To this day, she remains the only woman to have won it.

She went on to Princeton and Harvard, but didn't have time to go any further. Happy birthday to her and to all the others.

And now time for a miracle:

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