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And here we are, my pretty dolls, as Bernard Menez sang in 1983 as I was opening my eyes to the world, here we go again for another 5 years with the JFK from Amiens who has turned France into a start-up nation.

Our French Elon Musk has so much faith that he's renamed his movement Renaissance (rebirth).

A vast program for which you'll need the right footwear. Stand your ground with style. Let the wind of reconquest blow by, and hold on to this scorching spring, which heralds a hot autumn. And there's nothing better than a good pair. From Patricia.

I'd like you to know that I've built myself around a single obsession: that you should, at least once in your life, have the honor of wearing wonderful shoes that will make your life unctuous. Today I can safely say, that part of my mission has been accomplished. Only part, because of course there's still a long way to go to satisfy you. And know that nothing will distract me from your ultimate pleasure.

So, what does our inverted crystal ball tell us about past May 10s? For example, it was on May 10 that the Rolling Stones recorded their first single. Their cover of Come On, by the father of rock and roll, Chuck Berry.

And you know how much I love the Rolling Stones and its leader who seems to sing with a mouth stretcher. I love them and hope to see them in July, despite the prohibitive price of tickets. I may have to break my 401K, but I can't pass up the 60-year career of these accomplished bluesmen, on which my tongue has turned in so many mouths.

Other strange fact: it's also the day Mark Chapman, John Lennon's murderer, was born. Far be it from me to celebrate him, but it's strange to see the destinies of these two 60's behemoths intersect. Okay?

In other news, I feel like jumping on anything that moves, drinking shots, rolling around in the grass, smoking it and dancing while shaking the floorboards. Today is also the birthday of this pure genius, direct from Jamaica. I love you Carl Douglas:

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