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Today we enter the month of June, f..k, and we're fast approaching summer, with autumn already on the horizon.

I'm joking, of course, but not that much, because I'm a passionate lover of spring, the season when the cycle begins, when life awakens.

But other than that, today is Children's Day. And that's the mission I've set myself, to try and unearth your most childlike emotions by putting things in front of your eyes that will take you straight to the fantasy land of dreams and unicorns doing aquagym in a tequila pool.

Apart from that, who are we celebrating on June 1st?

Well, whoever you want, of course, but here it's Alanis Morissette because when her first album came out, Jagged Little Pill (signed to Madonna's label), she was 21, me around the same age.

And while at the time I was happy to throw myself against the walls to the sound of Ministry and Minor Threat, I discovered this young woman with a powerful timbre, who rocked. I was won over by the incredible energy emanating from the album, all of whose tracks seemed to me to be of the highest calibre.

In fact, over thirty million albums were sold worldwide. A master coup. On that note, I hope you enjoy your evening browsing the countless masterpieces on my site.

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