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Because yes, my dear sisters, you have to know how to 'aspire' to a world other than the one that the reality of 2021 offers us.

Being a bit far-sighted, with my fortune-telling side, I saw this coming, but rest assured, the Patricia shoes are adapted for the Multiverse, an alternative world, because, as you'll have gathered, there's something a bit extraordinary, a bit extraterrestrial about them, which is why, when you put them on, you feel like you've got comet powder on your feet.

Other than that, today is the 26th and so it's my half-birthday.

Just a little thought for myself to remind me to just go for it. Sorry for the digression.

Well, as you're happy to receive a bit of news from the world that's going well, I'll take the opportunity to do another.

Today we're celebrating François Léotard's birthday... but it's not about him that I wanted to talk to you, but about Alan Silvestri.

This Alan whom I love with infinite love, it was he who wrote the music for Back to the Future and for that he deserves to be an honorary citizen of the Patricia Blanchet galaxy.

And of course, let's not forget the little music that bounces off the bricks:

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