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We seem to be on the right track. The one you want, but it's a good one. There's that sunshine calling the cavalry, telling you to put your feet up outside and give them some Vitamin D.

After these successive confinements, these promised cures of austerity, I tell you, my dear sisters, we must make the most of the moments of pure pleasure and honour them.

So, please receive in your royal mailboxes my suggestions for beautifying your cute little feet.

"So, Patricia, apart from that?" asked a small voice eager for information that would do your adductors good.

Well, just imagine, little fragile voice, that today, if you so wish, you can celebrate the birthday of Sondra Locke, the superb actress of the 70s who was popularised by her appearance in five films alongside Clint Eastwood. She was so beautiful, so different, so sensual, so good at acting, that after their first collaboration, they became lovers and were drawn to each other like magnets.

She appeared in two Z masterpieces,"Every which way but loose" and its sequel, "Any which way you can". And so the romance ended between the two lovebirds. Their relationship ended in court, and it is said that Clint was not kind, since she suspected him of having used his power at Warner to prevent her from realising her next projects.

Not cool Clint, but happy birthday to Sondra, whom we love passionately and sensually.

Let's not forget to celebrate as we should, with a nice bit of music to go with it:

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