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And O joy, they start this Wednesday at midnight, i.e. one minute after Tuesday 23:59.

You'll be able to do your shopping on this site, a virtual Neverland where the world's most beautiful shoes jostle for the attention of your amazed eyes. What better way to start the summer than with your favourite brand touched by the grace of price reduction?

I've mentioned it with my fingertips, but it's already summer and autumn and winter are just around the corner. Obviously, I'm getting ahead of myself, but less so than the passage of time.

So to help it slow down, I suggest you practise cardiac coherence by concentrating on breathing in rhythm in front of models designed to cuddle your sensitive soul.

So what else is there to celebrate on June 22nd?

First of all, I'd like to talk about the release of The Rescuers, which was first screened on this day in 1977.

Adapted from a book by Margery Sharp, the great English author, it marks a break with the previous features, with more modern animation and a return to stories that are richer in calories of good feelings that bring fat tears to the eyes.

It was one of my favourite Disney films because I saw it when I was very young, but also because one of the supporting roles in it, that of the albatross, was inspired by our former president, François Hollande. Hail to you François.

Let's go:

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