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We didn't see it coming, but it's here all the same, arriving so quickly, that final stretch that will take us straight to Christmas and its sacred evening.

So this newsletter is here to shake you up, wake you up, tell you, hey, it's still not too late to make a gift that will make you the benefactress of your near humanity. Don't miss out on the simple things (all right, you've got it that F@#‡ING pan flute that gives you the blues when you're in depression mode, that you can hear in the Montparnasse-Bienvenüe metro station)? Now that that's done, and you've got the hang of it, I invite you to a fireworks display without equal, a feast for the senses. A banquet of uninterrupted enjoyment, where you'll have a seat for eternity.

Otherwise, on December 17th, a film was released that is essential for many people, not me. But you know my legendary empathy, and my thirst to keep you informed at all costs. This film is La Boum ( The Party).

La Boum has sold over 4 million tickets in France and 15 million across Europe. The film was based on an idea by Danièle Thomson, who was always up for a good time, and who came home unexpectedly to discover that her daughter had organised a wild party (coincidence or chance?). She wrote a few lines of a plot and suggested it to Claude Pinoteau, who took on the project. The rest is pretty well known: an intergalactic triumph and, above all, the discovery of a little star who has been a fixture in our media for the last 40 years.

A crazy thing, because since that time, or almost since then, Sophie Marceau has been France's favourite Frenchwoman. Is this deserved? Well, she has worked with Zulawski (who was her partner), Alain Corneau, Pialat, de Broca... all great names in cinema. Then Antonioni and Rob Reiner on the international scene.

So, it's been a rich and successful career, with a few mistakes thrown in for good measure, but who hasn't, apart from the girls in Patricia Blanchet? We agree. Garlands of kisses on your feet.

I think it's time to hug it out:

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