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Women expect different things from life, but there are a few important events in life: marriage, children, and the Patricia Blanchet sales twice a year, so that you can add more and more shoes to your wardrobe. Well, they're back, and the Parisian designer favoured by the French and the rest of the world is delighted to spoil you. Be there, make your head spin and enjoy an unforgettable moment by treating yourself to these marvels that will sublimate your feet like never before. They deserve it, they support you all year round, they never let you go. Life is made up of little pleasures, so imagine them multiplied tenfold in as many pairs of shoes. And not just any shoes: it-shoes, must-haves from season to season, the most stylish shoes on the planet. Patricia has a selection of pumps, sandals, boots, low-boots, and ankle boots, with high or low heels, in a range of colours, at great prices, so that the sales become a real party, and brighten up your life with the intense joy of wearing her creations. You'll parade around proudly in front of your friends, your chest heaving with pride, making them die of jealousy, because you'll have won the holy grail, the idea of the season: to be the cleverest woman in the bunch, the one who took full advantage of Patricia Blanchet's sales and treated herself to the most beautiful pair of shoes in the universe and beyond.
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