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Bullit - Metallic Black

Western boots heel 5 cm

Bullit - Metallic Black

Western boots heel 5 cm

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Bullit - Metallic Black

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The Bullit fits true to size.

35 2.5 4 34
36 3.5 5 35
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37 4 5.5 36
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38 5 6.5 37
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• Heel Height : 5 cm
• Vintage Effect Black Metallic Nubuck, Champagne Glitter Details
• Leather insole and outsole
• Manufacturing : Spain
Note: Metallic leather may show some irregularities.

The Bullit fits true to size.

Who Am I?

The Bullit women's ankle boot is Patricia Blanchet's undisguised tribute to Steve McQueen, king of cool and holder of unrivalled world class. Bullit is a sassy low boot with a 5cm heel and incomparable comfort that will delight your Clevesian princess legs. A perfect match for any outfit, the Bullit boot is just as comfortable with a dress as it is with a skirt, trousers or shorts. Bullit was designed by Patricia Blanchet as a women's low boot that's easy to put on in the morning, even when you're not fully awake, thanks to its invisible elasticated sides. You'll be delighted to have them on your feet at the end of the day.

Material and Care

For the metallic nubuck part, it's important to waterproof the material before the first use, and then frequently if you want to keep your shoes in good condition. Be careful to waterproof only the nubuck, as the glitter does not require any special care apart from attention and constant love. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun and water. Make sure you remove the protective plastic from the soles before wearing your shoes, once you're sure you won't be returning them for a refund, and don't wait too long to have your soles fitted with a skate by an experienced shoemaker.


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Colissimo home delivery Europe:between 10€ and 16€ per pair ordered, depending on the destination country. Delivery time of approximately 3 to 8 days depending on the zone of destination.

Colissimo International Outside Europe and French Overseas Departments and Territories: delivery time of approximately 5 to 30 days depending on the destination country - indicative time**. The price varies according to the destination of the order.

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If you change your mind, you can return your order within 14 days* to Patricia Blanchet 20 rue Beaurepaire 75010 Paris - France, following the instructions provided with your order.

• free of charge at our Paris boutique in the 10th arrondissement.

• by post: for orders from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain and Portugal: by logging into your account or via the returns portal with your order number, you can make your return request and download a return label which will be deducted from your refund.

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To find out more, please consult our return policy.
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**The 14-day period is calculated from the date your order is received at home, or from the date it is made available at a relay point.


When Bullitt was released, my parents hadn't yet met,

They're still virgins (according to them) and they have no plans to have children. Because a child = responsibilities = constant headaches = goodbye intimacy = dads are an affliction.
Patricia Blanchet

Yet when they met, the obvious quickly became clear.

They had to procreate because the attraction was too strong. A higher power ordered them to set the supreme being in motion, and that's what they did as the VHS tape of Bullitt played on my father's VCR. My father was a car enthusiast. Every Tuesday evening he took me to stock car races in the Pontoise area, where he liked to impress people with his aggressive driving. He even thought of calling me Bullitt before my mother put a stop to it and named me the Queen of Shoes.
I couldn't understand a word they were saying, but from their body language I knew I had to follow them. A crowd gathered in my path, as if I were the chosen one, and at the end of it stood a little guy with shaggy hair, a slightly dirty face, probably from rowdiness with his friends, almond-shaped green eyes, he looked totally dishevelled, in fact under his shirt I could see the T-shirt of a band I didn't know yet, the Clash. The guy who led me to him explained in French that was as good as my English that Peter had chosen me because I was very, very pretty and he wanted to kiss-kiss a French girl. Everyone laughed and Peter grabbed me by the shoulder and placed a kiss on my cheek, intimidated by the audience. Personally, I was captivated by the boy's rebellious angel face. I'd never noticed him before and was extremely surprised and flattered that he should be the one to ask me.

The rest is the stuff of legend. The one that feeds you one pair after another.

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