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Now that she is free of any commitments and the pressure from the White House is off, the former First Lady of the United States was more than happy to take part in a fleeting but oh-so-invigorating Q&A session.

Patricia Blanchet

Michelle, I'm delighted and flattered that you agreed to give your first French interview.

I'm really happy too, I feel as light as a Ruinart bubble. And for once, I'm not dealing with Laurence Haïm.
Patricia Blanchet

How is your new life going, away from the turmoil of Washington?

I know the time will come when I'll miss it. Undoubtedly. But for now, I'm savouring these precious moments. For example, I can play badminton again. And for me, it's a priceless activity, I love it. Badminton is life.

I understand that you have a musical project in the pipeline.

Indeed, Mrs Bush contacted me about joining the choir of former First Ladies. I'm good friends with Mrs Carter. I've only been to one session so far. We did covers of Guns and Roses and Plastic Bertrand. I have to admit it was quite fun and entertaining. A bit like an acupuncture session, it invigorates you. We're planning to do some concerts, a tour and preach the good American word. The world is suffering and needs a point of reference. Only the United States can bring peace and love to the whole world.

You're casual, a bit of a next-door girl, a good friend that all girls would like to have.

It's really nice of you to appreciate that and it's a pleasure to be considered as such. It's true that I always try to be perfect and beyond reproach. The it-girl, but not too much. When you're married to the most powerful man on the planet, you have to be careful not to arouse too much jealousy. So I made sure I dressed well, but not too well.
Patricia Blanchet

Now that you're out of the spotlight, how are you going to manage your wardrobe?

First of all, I'm going to be able to wear the shoes I want, and that means you. I'm going to be able to indulge myself. In fact, when I was at the White House, I felt a bit like a sandwich woman, wearing this, wearing that, advertising this and that. I felt a bit like an object at the mercy of my stylist. I had to please Lagerfeld, Margiela and all the other designers who were bending over backwards to get me to wear them. Now I can breathe, I can wander around, procrastinate on your site and admire your shoes over and over again. Patricia, how do you do it? There isn't a single shoe or detail on your site that isn't perfect. Entering your site is like walking into a confectionery shop, everything is wonderful. Just talking about it makes a little drool run down my chin and I shudder with pleasure. I love your pumps and your glitter.
Patricia Blanchet

Oh but Michelle I didn't know you were secretly a fervent admirer of our creations!!!

What the schnell ? Just shut up. Get out of here. Of course I love all your shoes. Whether it's the Gaby for tea with Mrs Putin, the Fifty-Five Glitter for shopping with Mrs Kim Jong Un, or the Caïpirinha for a drink with Mrs Trudeau. All your shoes are a hymn to love, and your creations will be the real breeding ground for the women's revolution. I love the poetic names you give your designs. The Bandini and the Piña-Colada are fantastic reasons to come and wear your shoes. You make us happy, Patricia, and that's really a gift you have. May God keep you! Translated by Patrick Simpson Jones for Terra Nova Magazine©
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