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care instructions

how to pamper your shoes

You love your shoes. You love that they make you proud wherever you go, that they make you look your best, that they make you the ultimate person on this planet. To keep them that way, it's important that you treat them with the utmost respect.

Below is some advice provided by Formula-fed elves.


Once you're sure you want to keep them, consider having your favorite cobbler put a non-slip pad on your soles. Not only will this prevent slipping, it will also protect your leather soles for many years to come. The soles are made of leather and all covered with a varnish that gives them a vintage look. This varnish may be a little slippery at first. You can rub the varnish off with sandpaper, for example, or let it disappear naturally by wearing them at home. When the varnish has completely disappeared, the rough, gray leather of the sole will appear. This is perfectly normal. After that, you'll need to keep a close eye on how the leather develops, and don't wait too long before putting on a sole protector. You should also be aware that the varnish applied to your soles has a very short lifespan, as it is mainly cosmetic and is not intended to last. After half or a full day, the film will have almost disappeared. But don't worry, this is the normal process in the life of a sole. Also, a plastic film is applied to your soles to protect the leather. Once you're ready to wear your beautiful shoes, remember to remove this film and visit your favorite cobbler.
Patricia Blanchet


Remember to use shoe trees (or newspaper) to keep them in shape, and store your shoes carefully, away from heat and humidity.
Patricia Blanchet


Top lifts, those little bits of plastic used to protect the tips of your heels, need to be changed regularly. They can become damaged or fall off more quickly if you walk on uneven surfaces (cobbled paths, pebbles, sidewalks, etc.) or if you snag them while walking, but don't panic, your cobbler will change them for you in no time. Please note that if the top lift comes off, you must not walk in your shoe until it has been replaced. Otherwise, you risk permanently damaging the heel/material.
Patricia Blanchet


Patricia Blanchet shoes are delicate and should be treated like jewels. It is especially important to treat the leathers, but also to be vigilant about the soles and heels. In any case, don't hesitate to consult your cobbler in the event of damage. He'll be able to simplify your life and extend the life of your shoes.
Patricia Blanchet


  • regularly nourish the material with a suitable milk or cream
  • apply a shoe polish to the colour to restore shine
  • avoid exposure to sun and water
  • always ask your cobbler for advice if you have the slightest doubt
Note: metallic leathers should only be cleaned with a soft cloth. Do not apply any solvents to the material.
Patricia Blanchet


  • waterproof every 7 wears or so, following the instructions for use and avoiding glitter
  • use a suede colour restorer if the material whitens
  • avoid exposure to sun and water
  • always ask your cobbler for advice if you have the slightest doubt
Patricia Blanchet


  • Do not apply any solvents to glitter; all you have to do to care for it is give it lots of love and kindness.
  • avoid exposure to sun and water
  • always ask your cobbler if you have the slightest doubt
Patricia Blanchet
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