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With autumn just around the corner, I wanted to bring you some of the finest and most refined footwear available.

What the "New Yorker" called the most beautiful shoe collection "ever". In addition to these beauties, I wanted to mention another Patricia, because Blanchett is in your mailbox twice a week.

The other Patricia is Patricia Hearst, known as the granddaughter of Randolph, the former newspaper magnate who inspired Welles' Citizen Kane to become the most idolized feature film in cinema history. An unremarkable heiress and Berkeley student, she is suddenly kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army. After demanding the release of imprisoned members of their group, which was refused, they demanded that the Hearst family distribute $70 in food to all impoverished Californians.

This was accepted, but due to chaotic organization the operation became a fiasco and young Patricia remained in the hands of her captors. Although she had suffered many abuses, including rape, she was afflicted with Stockholm syndrome. Now Tania, she criticized the bourgeois nature of her family and, after being brainwashed, took part in several armed robberies.

And here comes the part of her life that appeals to me most, as she became a recurring actress in the work of one of history's greatest directors, John Waters. She appeared in Cry Baby, Serial Mother, Pecker...

Here's a crazy life I wanted to share with you before going out for a drink.
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