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My grandfather used to tell me: "If you've ever seen a more beautiful thing, it's because you've drunk too much Gin". And I have to say that after a few decades, Grandpa, you were right, nothing is more beautiful than what comes out of my brain.

So I dedicate this superb Spring 2022 collection to you, my grand-daddy. I hope that from where you are, you appreciate this great designer who has the whole world in a frenzy. I hope you're looking after Grandma and not playing the bastard too much, my little periwinkle.

Apart from that on April 22? Well, it's the birthday of the best of them all, Jack Nicholson, born in 1937. Best until The Shining, because after that the poor guy just repeats himself. In The Witches of Eastwick, in Batman.... in short, Nicholson is the clever one, we get it.

Apart from the birthday of Hollyweed's most beautiful eyebrow, it's the birthday of the Lou Reed of cinema, the Kurt Cobain of film, the Didier Wampas of the camera, John Waters.
John Waters is certainly the American director who gives me the most joy, because his universe and his films are propositions to debauchery, chaos and settling of scores, as well as odes to difference and irreverence. Once you've watched a John Waters film, your whole DNA changes.
So I encourage you to see, for example, Polyester, his pivotal film between the acceptable and the unspeakable. In any case, you should know that John Waters is the godfather of our brand, and I hope you can feel it. Kisses on your feet. With or without athlete's foot.

For all those who want to go to the Far West but don't have a horse, here's a little piece to open your mind:

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