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In Vino Veritas.

Patricia Blanchet
Patricia Blanchet

Since this TV monument, which almost killed Chantal Goya for good (no relation to Francisco), is no more, let me resurrect it for your viewing pleasure. This defunct show is called Le Jeu de la Vérité. And I'm going to ask myself my own questions. A bit like Balkany being his own tax inspector back in the day. That way, I won't go off the rails, and I won't have to get up from my chair in case I don't like a question.

Patricia Blanchet
Patricia Blanchet

Myself and I : After a few years at the top of the podium of the world's greatest fashion designers, you're back on the top step again this year. How do you explain such vitality ? 

Myself and I (bis) : I'm on a strict diet. Maximum rest, lots of cooing, lots of seeds. As a result, my plumage and beak are in excellent condition. After that, you have to rely on the trickle-down effect.

Myself and I : Are you implying that you have no merit ?

Myself and I (bis) : I'm not insinuating it, I'm even saying it clearly. I owe it all to my parents. It's all genetics. Without their own intelligence, I'd have the intelligence of a centipede.

Patricia Blanchet
Patricia Blanchet

Myself and I : A beautiful insect. Funny you should mention that. I imagine it's not innocent.

Myself and I (bis) : I grew up not far from Fontainebleau where I spent most of my time in the forest looking for answers. My parents didn't really care where I was, as long as it wasn't on their backs. I think it was the year I turned six that I had this revelation, seeing a family of centipedes parade before my eyes. Other children would have crushed them or run away. But I watched this ballet of nature and thought of one thing. It must be wonderful to have a millipede as a customer when you're selling shoes.

Myself and I : Incredible !

Patricia Blanchet

Patricia Blanchet

Myself and I (bis) : The seed had germinated. Two birds with one stone. A rolling stone gathers no moss. My vocation was born. I was a poet, but not without a certain entrepreneurial spirit. So, to avoid any disillusionment about putting on insects, I decided to throw myself into the production of grolles for modern girls. 

Myself and I : Have you ever thought of sharing your experience with great economists ?

Myself and I (bis) : I prefer to keep the best practices to myself and my inner circle so that people can benefit from them with dignity, and so that my word doesn't get diluted in the crowd like soda water in a mojito.

Myself and I : I'm amazed at your mental agility and honesty, which should go down in the history of fashion with a capital M. Even though I know you're not an unconditional fan of Mathieu Chédid.

Myself and I (bis) : Everyone has the right to express themselves, to pick up a guitar, some gel, some crepe paper to make glasses and a character who sings about the turpitudes of Meudon-la-Forêt's golden youth.

Myself and I : If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be ?

Myself and I (bis) : With you.

Myself and I : Oh really? You flatter me. You find me very attractive ?

Myself and I (bis) : And much more. Give me your mouth so I can set it on fire.

Patricia Blanchet
Patricia Blanchet

I like these little guys so I'm passing them on to you :

Patricia Blanchet

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