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Lucile in the sky with diamonds and pearls.

Patricia Blanchet
Patricia Blanchet

Who'd complain about a new newsletter on Sundays except those who can't read and therefore have to deal with their greatest frustration ever ? Thank you for your understanding. Sunday is still an uncommon day for my missives, but one that I'm going to invest poco a poco to offer you something to rest your eyes on. On this holy day - but they're all holy - and just after Women's Rights Day, I wanted to introduce you to a local tutelary figure. A person who is both humble and who shows off whenever she can (but we too need characters like hers to help us steer the ship of perfection safely into port). This woman is Lucile. A name that sounds like a whiplash with lanyards full of cutter blades.

Patricia Blanchet

Me: Lucile, hello. What did you do before coming to work for Patricia Blanchet ?

Lucile: So much that I had to print out my CV on an A2 sheet so I could list my main activities. I was a dab trainer, a coach for andropausal men, a coach for the Bilbao bilboquet team, and I founded a precious metals research company.

Me: So you founded a lab that researches metals.

Lucile: Absolutely not. You don't understand anything (she laughs and blows her nose). I'll try to explain it more simply. Do you ever see people with metal detectors walking around the beach looking for treasure ?

Me: Absolutely.

Lucile: I employ them. I manage tens of thousands of employees who comb the French beaches for my apple of love.

Me: So you're a powerful woman.

Patricia Blanchet

Patricia Blanchet

Lucile: You could say that. In fact, Léa Salamé is going to devote a 24-hour documentary to me, which will be broadcast on mondovision next New Year's Eve.

Me: What else can you say ?

Lucile: I'm a modern-day fighter, and I think that's why Patricia was so kind as to integrate me into her teams, where I do my utmost to shine like a new penny.

Me: What are your added values ?

Lucile: I'm a quiet, calm force. If customers call me for after-sales service and they're on the floor, I handle it like a feline, because I've got a whole laundry of ready-to-use solutions in my head. At Patricia Blanchet, we're all about optimism. At Patricia, we're positive. And I'd like to take this opportunity to say that this slogan belongs to us and was stolen from us by unscrupulous advertisers. What an understatement!

Me: Since your arrival, a breath of fresh air has been blowing through the Blanchet house. How do you explain this ?

Lucile: Maybe because my father was a fan manufacturer in Saigon.

Me: One last question before I let you get on with your show jumping competition. How do you see the future? Because I know you can handle a crystal ball like no other.

Lucile: It's quite simple. I see Patricia's hegemony over the northern hemisphere starting in a few days' time, and then shifting to the southern hemisphere. She will reign as high priestess of good and continue to do great things for the women who repay her. A beautiful, radiant, discontinuous sky. As for me, I'm continuing my evening training to become a Basque shellfish hypnotist. Love to you all.

Patricia Blanchet
Patricia Blanchet

Simply because it's one of woke and wall's best songs:

Patricia Blanchet

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