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About ten years ago, I went to a bar in the 20th arrondissement to screen a short film I'd made. It was a good time, and my film was screened alongside a dozen others.

People enjoyed it and had a good laugh. So afterwards, a lot of people came up to me to congratulate me and buy me drinks. It was fun, I was drunk but delighted to meet so many new people.

Before leaving, I lingered on the walls to discover some paintings. Works full of monsters, colors, mixtures, the end of the world, sex, spleen, joy. I immediately thought I had to have one. The next day, I met the artist to offer myself the most atomic of them all. We hit it off, had a few glasses of rosé and said "see you soon", without really believing it, as he was moving north.

But when I created my brand, it became clear that, in addition to shoes, I wanted to spoil you the way you deserve with a beautiful window display, informative postcards and dreamy totes. And then I had a flash, like when I draw the cards and see the future. I thought straight to the guy I'd bought this painting from a few years earlier.

I found him, called him and we agreed on a first collaboration. As time goes by, I ask him what I want, the atmosphere, the idea. Either I come up with an idea, or I build on what he's already done. The guy in question is Grégoire Dalle, and I wanted to introduce him to you, simply, humbly, artistically and amicably.
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