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Hello, my lovely little seagulls, whom I love intensely even in my sleep.

Today I wanted to accompany you in the most romantic of ways by offering you the chance to leave August in the most beautiful of ways. Not by tiptoeing away, but by making a huge racket and thanking it for having existed.

Thank you, little month of August 2021, for being there for me. For letting me laugh, but also cry, commune, read, sing and play chicken. Thank you, August 2021, for coming into my life without judging me, for making me a good person and for teaching me not to say "nice day" any more.

Little month of August 2021, I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to put one of my most memorable collections online, which will help you to become more confident, more at ease and even more assertive. It doesn't matter, as long as you're comfortable in your shoes.

Anyway, I read that Kanye West's new album had just been released. 27 songs, nearly two hours of music, an album named after his mother, some borderline featurings, but a creation as radiant and perfect in its excessiveness as ever.

I know I'm sick of advertising all those who are already swallowing up all the media space. But I like him sometimes when he keeps his mouth shut.
Well, anyway, I send you a big kiss.

If you haven't danced since this morning, I've come up with the perfect excuse for you to do so.

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