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What more can we say that hasn't been repeated on this Newsletter and everywhere else since it was created 5-6 years ago? At the very least, there have been around 500 of them since it was created.

On top of the unrivalled shoes I deliver to you every season, you've had the chance to laugh your head off, get excited, wonder and learn 500 times over.

Who else, apart from Libé, Le Monde and Variety, can boast such a fine achievement? We're in complete agreement, and will remain so for a long time to come.

So what's in my bag today, ladies and damsels? Nothing new, just the beautiful, the colourful and the wonderful. And you won't want to miss a thing. Be sure to treat yourself or someone you know. And it doesn't matter if it's her birthday or if she's getting married for you to give her a pair. Pick a moment that's special to her, and you'll see that a pair of Patricias will find its way to her heart.
So what else is June 28th saying? June 28th is telling you to make the most of your summer and unwind by treating yourself. What will that involve? As far as I'm concerned, watching the grass grow, cooking different dishes every day, doing breathing exercises, picking up guys and girls, soaking my feet in cool water when the sun hits hard and praying that the start of the new school year will be kind to everyone.

Of course, this picture wouldn't be complete without a regular visit to the film library, and a few minutes of mediation every day accompanied by a pomelo margarita. Otherwise, you should know that 32 years ago today I went to see Prince at the Parc des Princes for his Batman album tour. Far from being his best, the show was nonetheless excellent.

And we sprinkle this beautiful newsletter with the most beautiful song ever written by a man. Enjoy :

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