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Well, that moment you've been dreading is just around the corner, as we're off on holiday on July the 23rd for exactly one month.

You can therefore order until July 22nd, with the assurance that your order will be delivered on time. For all those of you who order after July the 22nd, there will be a one-month waiting period, and shipments will resume serenely on August 24, 2021 (I prefer to specify the year).

Whatever you do during the month ahead, I hope you'll recharge your batteries, work hard and meditate well before tackling the north side of September, which we're already being promised will be a radiant month. So laugh, drink, dance, copulate and we'll see you on the other side of the mirror for another round of the merry-go-round at the end of August.

Well, apart from that, what happened on the 20th of July that's worth mentioning in this newsletter? Well, Natalia Nikolaïevna Zakharenko was born in 1938. Does that mean anything to you? Of course it does, except that you don't want to admit it.

So this name is none other than Natalie Wood's real name. Born into a family of lunatics, with a violent alcoholic dockworker father and a highly abusive mother, she was thrust into the limelight by parents eager to use their child as a catapult to a better life.

Her mother's need for recognition is so strong that she does not hesitate to use sadistic methods to make her little daughter cry during filming, in order to impress the directors for whom little Natalie plays. The abuse culminated in the little girl slipping on a wet floor and breaking her wrist. Fearing that her daughter would be sacked from the film, her mother asked her to keep the pain of the fracture hidden. She spent the rest of her life trying to hide the deformity of the injury with bracelets and long-sleeved tops.

This child star piled up minor roles, including an appearance in Mankiewicz's The Ghost and Mrs Muir, before achieving fame at the age of fourteen when she appeared in Rebel Without a Cause, which won her a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. The role was offered to her by Nicholas Ray, with whom she had fallen madly in love when she was 14 and he 41. During the filming of this Warner classic, she took Dennis Hopper as her lover.

In 1956, she also had a brief affair with the King of Graceland. Before that, she had worked with John Ford in one of his best films, The Searchers, then a little later in West Side Story (Spielberg's remake of which is by no means expected), then with Kazan, Mazursky and Blake Edwards.

She had a rich career but unfortunately became infatuated with a rather average actor, who precipitated her death. The man in question was Robert Wagner, known to the general public for his role as Jonathan Hart in the tv show Hart to Hart.

In the middle of Thanksgiving, while she was making a sci-fi film directed by one of the masters of special effects at the time, Douglas Trumbull, she went to celebrate turkey day on a yacht with her husband, Christopher Walken, who the press said was her lover, and Dennis Daven, the boat's captain, but who was also, and really, a lover.

Everything was going well, the tequila sunrise was loosening legs and tongues, the caviar was dripping off the lips of the guests, and the salsa was inviting snogging. But for some unexplained reason: a spoilt mussel? Ice cubes not cool enough, poor Natalie fell overboard and drowned miserably. Despite the many bruises on her body, her death was ruled an accidental drowning. The case was closed and the three males on the boat got off scot-free.

In 2011, the ship's Captain Iglo retracted his statements and claimed that Natalie's husband had not done everything in his power to find her and had even obstructed the investigations. And from then on, on several occasions, new elements resurfaced. But to this day, the main protagonists are still at large, while our beloved Natalie has not been avenged. A tragedy that reminds us that it's better to sell shoes than to make films.

Don't leave without listening to something that will make you want to empty a bottle of Aguardiente:

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