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On the Internet, people often have a need for simplicity, efficiency and speed. I, on the other hand, like to take the time to explain that our creations have a meaning, a soul.

All my models have a story and their names, a meaning.

This pump, which I'm presenting to you today, adorned with its kawaii shooting stars, is a tribute to the 1999 Cannes Film Festival. Perhaps the most surprising, improbable, funny and embarrassing of all the festivals. When David Cronenberg was named President of this year's Festival, I was already very excited at the idea of him putting together a prize list in the image of his totally insane filmography. And what can I say about the selection, which was simply mind-blowing and included the greatest filmmakers of the time: Raul Ruiz, Manoel de Oliveira, Jim Jarmush, Kitano, Lynch, Almodovar, Bellochio... it was no longer a festival, but a feast for the eyes and the heart. The Cannes Film Festival didn't include a single woman in its selection, yet most of its films had a feminist streak in them or spoke of it: All About My Mother, 8 1/2 Women or the adaptation of The Princess of Cleves, to name but a few.

When the closing ceremony arrived, I was naturally nervous, as I am every year, at the thought of discovering a prize list that I thought would disappoint me. And yet, what a surprise it was to discover that they had awarded the Best Actress prize to a total amateur, Séverine Caneele for Bruno Dumont's Humanity. I can still remember the look on Jeff Goldblum's face as he realized that the woman they had celebrated was not playing a supporting role, she was simply herself. She was herself in the film, she was herself on stage when she came to collect her prize. A prize tied with Emilie Dequenne for her role in Rosetta. So that's what I was getting at, Rosetta, and that explains in part the name given to this model. It's only partly, because there's also a nod to the Rosetta probe launched in 2004 in pursuit of a comet, which it will reach in 2014, ten years later. Which explains the presence of shooting stars on this model.

That was my Pierrette Tchernia/ Micheline Chevalet minute - this is Neptune speaking to you, Earth.
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