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Obviously, the vaccine seems to be good news for a way out of the crisis, which I hope will benefit all of us (yes, the feminine outweighs the masculine here).

But I'm going to tell you something that you know better than me, my little paper love birds: I didn't wait to offer you an antidote to gloom, conformism and other crap that weight you down like a ball and chain.

I didn't wait until Doomsday to make your feet, your figure and your walk-in closet the most delicious things on our blue planet. So I'm telling you, fingers to fingers, the vaccine that will protect you from boredom for life is a pair of Patricia shoes.
So what are we doing today? Well, we can drink a glass of rosé (or a pitcher, as the case may be), and we can celebrate people who had the good idea of being born on April 13th, like Bill Conti, who composed the music for Rocky, or Joël Séria, who directed great films with Jean-Pierre Marielle.

And let's not forget Ron Pearlman, great interpreter of Hellboy, and Brigitte Trogneux, great interpreter of Emmanuel Macron's wife.

There you have it, now all you have to do is put on your beauties and go make love in the park.

To finish, here's a cute little Kanye:

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