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Before each new collection launch, like a monk, wearing my most beautiful pumps, I set off with my team in search of the holy grail, divine inspiration, hoping to be struck by lightning like the tree of life split in two by the gods of Olympus.

When a season comes to an end, we're usually tired, shattered by the intense happiness of an era we've loved so much. Feelings come flooding back, and it's sometimes hard to get back into the swing of things for new creations. Because it also means that we'll be leaving the old behind in favour of the new. It's exciting to imagine new things and to let our dreams flow. So I tucked my team under my arm and off we cycled to Germany, Berlin to be precise. After a few drunken evenings surrounded by brilliant and intoxicating artists, I decided to continue on my way. The whole city vibe was too much for my mind.

As in American films and comedies, I took a globe and spun it around before stopping it with my finger. Japan was chosen. So off we went and sniffed the air. You can't help but be lulled by these ancestral traditions and customs so far removed from our own! What a country, what a people, what a transcendent civilisation. We had a wonderful time and discovered unsuspected things that we've tried to transcribe into our Spring 2017 collection. I hope with success. From this wonderful journey, rich in sakés, we imagined the Amakusa ankle boot and the Izu pump, two undisputed masterpieces of the fashion world.

After that, we had to hurry back to get the prototypes ready for production, but I wanted something more, a boost, so I headed for the Amazon. I thought I'd never come back, lost forever in the immensity of the green, green everywhere, above, below, to the right, to the left, a hallucinatory invasion, a waking dream, as if lost in the organic matrix of carnivorous and nourishing plants. From there, I brought back its most brilliant and dazzling representative, the toucan. A toucan, symbol of freedom and solar escape. This trip gave rise to the Rosario pump and the Santa Cruz boot, a nod to my second destination, Colombia. These few life-saving and formative escapades have enabled me to bring you one of my most beautiful collections, I believe, since the creation of my little brand. Thank you for your attention.

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