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You've got to admit, sometimes things are just meant to be. And today, the day your favourite spine-tingling newsletter is sent out, is International Women's Day.

As such, you have the right to do what you want. The rest of the year too, let's be clear.

But today it's even truer, times 1,000. So don't hesitate to wipe the slate clean by investing heavily in the bitcoins of fashion and reality, in Patricia Blanchet, a real safe haven that reassures and creates a centrifugal force of connection between its worshippers.

Apart from that, on March 8th, 28 years ago, one of the most famous grunge album was released: Superunkown by Soundgarden.

If it's so important to the record industry, it's because it sold over 9 million copies worldwide thanks to the TV hammering of their mega-super hit Black Hole Sun.

And I have to admit that this bravura piece deserves our attention.

As for the rest, I've never understood their success. But after all, who am I, apart from the best shoe designer in the world, to dictate my laws of good taste? On that note, I shower you with glittery caramel kisses.

I enclose the document with my word:

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