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I'm sure you're dreaming of me telling you the story of the Higgins.

The Higgins, this season's jewel:

I can see you stamping your feet and clicking your heels with your Patricias, clenching your fists and demanding that I tell you the true legend behind this little jewel perched on a 7 centimeter heel. So, since I'm in a good mood, since you might be reading this article before going to bed, and since we're in a full moon period, here's this incredible anecdote that I'm sure you'll pass on to your children or neighbors by writing it on the walls of your neighborhood.

When I'd go to class, instead of smoking cigarettes all afternoon in the Luxembourg Gardens, and I'd come home to find i had a lot homework, I'd close my books and open the TV. And at six o'clock, there were two programs facing each other. On one side, The A-Team and Colonel Hannibal's gang, and on the other, the big mustachioed guy driving a Ferrari 308 GTS, all looking a bit like Edwy Plenel, Magnum. While the buddy-band effect of The A-Team had a lot to appeal to me, I've always had a soft spot for the big mustachioed guy in the Hawaiian shirts. Not because I liked him physically, but because he was dubbed in French by Francis Lax, and that guy had a voice so special, so enchanting, that even if he asked you to pass him the butter, he'd turn your head Exorcist mode.

It was also a superb series that had the idyllic setting of the island of Hawaii on which lived this guy, Magnum in charge of the security of a vast house that he shared with an estate manager. This dear estate manager, deadpan with cold British humor, was called Higgins. I spent a lot of my early evening watching this series, laughing in front of it and listening to the paternalistic advice of this endearing character. That’s why, a few years later, I wanted to dedicate to him what is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful pumps of this season. Now you know everything and you can, in turn, tell this story to all those you think deserve to hear it.
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