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YES I ESTHER KHAN - 20/05/22

That's it, the big show has begun for two weeks that promises to be as limp as a septuagenarian's penis without Viagra.

Patricia Blanchet

But you never know, Thierry Frémaux is capable of making a splash in the midst of a festival.
Patricia Blanchet

Like in 2011, when he fired Lars Von Trier. Or, when he selected Nicole Garcia. The Cannes Film Festival is a celebration of cinema, but also of Patricia's, because it's also the festival of sales at the boutique and on our website.
Patricia Blanchet

Because you see, participants in the event come to us, a few days beforehand, with the firm intention of putting on the most beautiful shoes. Let the crackling flashes capture the shimmering beauty of our sequins. Sometimes an acting prize, a Palme d'Or, comes down to the smallest detail, and you know how I'm all about the details.
Patricia Blanchet

It's funny, these actresses or journalists who come to us, try on everything they can, and ask us to lend them shoes on the pretext that they'll be walking up the steps at Cannes. Lend or even give. And when that happens, I look at them. I pause. I open my mouth and throw a piece of gum into it, chewing it like a cow before replying: " Have you lost your mind? Go ask Louboutin. Because I only supply Venice and Berlin".
Patricia Blanchet

It usually calms them right down and allows me to put shoes only the humblest of them all, you know? Huppert, Binoche, Mélanie Laurent, Mariel Cotillon, etc...
Patricia Blanchet

Well, I looked around a bit, but I couldn't find anything great that took place on May 20. Imagine, it's even Saint Bernardin's day. On that note, I'd like to give you a big hug. And happy birthday to those of you who were born on this day, for you make history with a capital H, which I'm going to smoke right now.
Patricia Blanchet

Just a reminder of what a monumental mockery the Fugees cover was of this original song, which surpasses it in every way.
Patricia Blanchet

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