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Now that we've entered the month of November with its full force, it promises a whole host of twists and turns, like Flamingo Road or a Colombian telenovela with Mexican roots.

Something heavy with sex, betrayal, but also love and reconciliation. To ride out this emotional wave, I've decided to bring out the heavy artillery with shoes of peace and hope.

Shoes that will give you a sense of height and candour, shoes that will make you feel good again, that will look you in the eye with a deep empathy that you've never noticed before, not even in humans, not even in your mother. Because that's what it's all about, my dear sisters: these shoes have a mission, to please you and make you the woman you've always dreamed of becoming.

What else? Well, it was on November 2nd that Michael's Thriller (you don't even have to say his name) hit the airwaves.

But let's not stop at the song, which is perhaps one of the weakest on the album, and focus on the video clip, a real phenomenon, released ten days later. Even if he had already warned the public that nothing would ever be the same again with Billie Jean and its luminous backdrop, the best was yet to come.

Still an enlightened artist at that time, at the height of his creativity, he had the flair to contact John Landis, the great director, talented, jack-of-all-trades, director of The Blues Brothers and The Werewolf of London. It was for this film that he was singled out and asked to produce a revolutionary video clip.
Initially, Michael wanted to be transformed into a four-legged wolf, but the idea was abandoned in favour of a two-legged wolf and Michael becoming a zombie like those invented by George A. Romero.

When the video landed on MTV in December, it rocked the ratings tenfold. Not only did Michael make it possible for black artists to finally be more represented on TV, thanks to his success, but he also elevated the video to the level of an art form in its own right, allowing a whole host of talented guys to jump into the breach and develop a whole creative universe in the space of a song.

Without this bravura piece, hammered home by the networks, there might not have been any Michel Gondry, Chris Cunningham or Spike Jonze.

You might also like to know that Marlon Brando's son appears in the video, that the cinema where the screening takes place was used as a natural backdrop for one of our photo shoots and that it's now time to close this fucking newsletter because I've got an appointment with my healer. Love you girls.

More than 13,000 people turned out in Mexico City to perform this Guinness World Record-breaking choreography:

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