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Ecsta - Printed Metallic Black

Chelsea boots heel 4 cm

Ecsta - Printed Metallic Black

Chelsea boots heel 4 cm

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Ecsta - Printed Metallic Black

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• Heel Height : 4 cm
• Metallic Black Printed Nubuck, Fine Champagne Glitter Details
• Leather insole and outsole
• Manufacturing : Spain

Who Am I?

The Ecsta flat chelsea boot is a hard drug to resist once on your feet. A classic among classics, the ultimate comfort of this boot with its small 4 cm heel and inimitable class make it a Patricia must-have.

Material and Care

This material is a metallic printed nubuck. It is covered with a thin film of varnish that protects it slightly. Despite this, it is important to waterproof them before the first use, and then frequently if you want to keep them in good condition. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and water. If the material has whitened, we recommend using a suede renovation spray that matches the colour of your shoe. Make sure you remove the protective plastic from the soles before wearing your shoes, once you are sure you won't be returning them for a refund, and don't wait too long to have your soles fitted with a no slip pad by an experienced cobbler.


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Colissimo home delivery Europe:between 10€ and 16€ per pair ordered, depending on the destination country. Delivery time of approximately 3 to 8 days depending on the zone of destination.

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The pen rests gently on the paper, ready to take you on an introspective and vibrant journey. Let me tell you about an experience that shook my spirit and that, surprisingly, is linked to a unique shoe model: the Ecsta.

It was an ordinary day, a day when the world seemed frozen in a monotonous routine. I was lost in thought, desperately searching for a way to transcend this mundane reality. Then a friend handed me a mysterious little box, a hidden treasure that promised an extraordinary escape. I opened the box curiously and my eyes fell on brightly coloured pills. I felt a combination of excitement and apprehension, an irresistible temptation to plunge into the unknown. Without thinking, I swallowed one of the little capsules, unaware of the consequences it might have.
Patricia Blanchet
Patricia Blanchet
Patricia Blanchet

And then my mind soared into uncharted territory. The contours of the world expanded, the colours intensified, and every sensation was magnified. I felt suspended between two realities, between dream and lucidity, captivated by the experience.

That's when my mind started telling me what to draw: Ecstas. They were a reflection of that psychedelic escape, a physical representation of the liberation of the spirit. Their bold curves seemed to dance before my dilated eyes, their vibrant colours reflecting the explosion of sensations that invaded my being. With every step I took, I felt a new energy, a deep connection with the world around me. Ecsta seemed to be the bridge between my altered reality and the outside world, a gateway to an unprecedented sensory experience. And as I walked through the streets, my feet seeming to float above the ground, I felt connected to the whole universe. The sounds of the city harmonised with my breathing, the faces of passers-by blended together in a kaleidoscope of colours and emotions.
This first experience was a revelation for me. It showed me the infinite possibilities of the human spirit, the ability to transcend the limits of everyday reality. Ecsta, as a reflection of this experience, opened the doors to a world of sensations and emotions just waiting to be explored. But be warned, my friends, I'm not encouraging you to follow in my footsteps on this psychedelic adventure. However, the Ecsta, as a shoe model, offers you a unique opportunity to relive that feeling of liberation and daring, without taking any ill-considered risks. The Ecsta is much more than just a shoe, it is a silent witness to an intense and transcendental experience. They embody the power to push back boundaries, open up to new perspectives and discover the beauty hidden in every moment.
boots cheslea femme petit talon plate avec elastique latéral Ecsta Patricia Blanchet

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