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Forty Four - Multicolored Gold Glitter

Low-boots heel 5.5 cm

Forty Four - Multicolored Gold Glitter

Low-boots heel 5.5 cm

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Forty Four - Multicolored Gold Glitter

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• Heel Height : 5.5 cm
• Multicolored Gold Glitter
• Leather insole and outsole
• Manufacturing : Spain

Who Am I?

The divine child is born. The Forty-Four low-heeled women's boot with side opening is finally here, among us, alive and well, radiant. We immediately want to take her in our arms, put her on our feet and show her off. The little sister of the Fifty-Five, the Forty-Four is an enchanting low-boot that should enchant not only your life, but those of everyone you meet. The Forty-Four is a low-boot that goes divinely well with pants, dresses, skirts, shorts or even dungarees, thanks to its low shaft. So it goes with everything, starting with you. The Forty-Four low-boot has a delightful little 5.5 cm heel, so you can run everywhere.

Material and Care

Glitter is a very resistant but delicate material. It still needs attention, as neither waterproofing nor spray will protect it. Only your love will do. Be sure to remove the protective plastic from the soles before wearing your shoes, once you're sure you won't be returning them for refund, and don't wait too long to have your soles fitted with a no slip pad by an experienced cobbler.


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In a universe where the boundaries between dream and reality melt away, there's a legendary fashion artifact: the Forty-Four boot.

This creation is not just a shoe, it's the fruit of a fantastic odyssey, a saga lost in the mists of time and imagination.

The 5.5 cm heel, carved from the wood of a thousand-year-old tree found in the heart of an enchanted forest, evokes the legends of the dryads. These forest spirits, guardians of ancient wisdom, whispered the secrets of perfect harmony into the creator's ear. This heel is a bridge between heaven and earth, offering the wearer a heavenly gait, a sublime balance between earthly assurance and Olympian elegance.

Patricia Blanchet

The delicately chiselled opening on the ankle was inspired by a vision on a starry night in the Rub'al-Khali desert.

The stars, shimmering with mysterious brilliance, seemed to dance, forming patterns that guided my artisan (or arty, for that matter) hand. This opening is like a portal to a world of mystery and beauty, inviting those who cross its path to plunge into a story of seduction, finesse and character made of steel.

Patricia Blanchet
Patricia Blanchet

The unrivalled softness of the leather is the result of a journey to a forgotten kingdom, where silky-haired Cyclops camels roam the singing dunes. Each grain of leather tells a story, a fragment of adventure, imprinting in the very material of the boot the essence of the fantastic journeys and unlikely encounters I've made in my first twenty years of life.

The deep, nuanced colors of the Forty-Four recall the shimmering hues of the aurora borealis , captured on a daring expedition to the icy reaches of the North (where, in desperation, I was looking for a companion). These colors live and breathe, changing subtly under the sun's rays or the glitter of the russet moon, evoking tales of magic and conquest, of heroes and fabulous creatures.

Patricia Blanchet
Patricia Blanchet
When you slip on the Forty-Four, you're not just wearing a boot, you're putting on a suit of armor of confidence, a talisman of strength.

Every step becomes a dance with destiny, a flirtation with the extraordinary. The street becomes a path paved with legends, each corner hiding a secret, each encounter a new page in an untold tale.

Patricia Blanchet

La Forty-Four is more than a creation, it's a journey, an open door to the imaginary.

It's a reminder that in the world of fashion, as in storytelling, anything is possible. That every thread, every seam, carries within it the magic of unexplored worlds and adventures waiting to be experienced.

To this spirited text, I would add that we must never forget the influence of Paul McCartney, who has often accompanied my every creative step.

Here's a reminder, in case it was ever necessary. I should point out that I didn't call it sixty four because being the Fifty Five's little sister, I couldn't give it a bigger number without creating a decompensatory shock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUDRIC5RSX4

Patricia Blanchet

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