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Telly - Navy Blue

Low-boots heel 7 cm

Telly - Navy Blue

Low-boots heel 7 cm

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Telly - Navy Blue

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The Telly fits true to size. If you're between sizes or have a wide foot, choose the next size up.

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• Heel Height : 7 cm
• Navy Blue Leather, Fine Champagne Glitter Details
• Leather Insole and outsole
• Manufacturing : Spain

Who Am I?

What is Telly? Well, I'd tell you to open your eyes wide to see for yourself, but since I love my fellow man, and especially my fellow woman, let me tell you what it's all about. Telly is a declaration of love to Telly Savalas, whom I used to watch gobsmackingly in Kojak, but also as the incarnation of Blofeld in Her Majesty's Secret Service. A James Bond film that was weakened by its performer but enhanced by John Barry's best score. So what do we do with all this? Quite simply, we turn it into a pair of boots that will delight the whole world, starting with you. The Telly is an enhanced Fifty-Five. It's a Fifty-Five sublimated by chevrons that will make you feel like you're in Top Gun, but without guns or violence. Just love, kindness and lots of Jamaican chamomile. The Telly has a 7 cm heel, so you can see the world from a height that will make you see the bigger picture.

Material and Care

To care for the leather, we recommend that you apply a generous amount of greasy cream to the leather to give it a wonderful complexion. If you want to give the colour a boost, you'll need to apply a coloured shoe polish. Your cobbler will certainly be able to help you with this. Make sure you only nourish the leather, as glitter does not require any special care apart from attention and constant love. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun and water. Make sure you remove the protective plastic from the soles before wearing your shoes, once you're sure you won't be returning them for a refund, and don't wait too long to have your soles fitted with a no slip pad by an experienced cobbler.


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FREE in-store pick-up: come and collect your items immediately after placing your order from our store at 20 rue beaurepaire 75010 Paris.

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Colissimo home delivery Europe:between 10€ and 16€ per pair ordered, depending on the destination country. Delivery time of approximately 3 to 8 days depending on the zone of destination.

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If you change your mind, you can return your order within 14 days* to Patricia Blanchet 20 rue Beaurepaire 75010 Paris - France, following the instructions provided with your order.

• free of charge at our Paris boutique in the 10th arrondissement.

• by post: for orders from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain and Portugal: by logging into your account or via the returns portal with your order number, you can make your return request and download a return label which will be deducted from your refund.

• by post for other countries: the return is at your charge, as is the choice of carrier. Please follow the instructions provided with the return form.

To find out more, please consult our return policy.
Still have questions? Contact our customer service by email contact@patriciablanchet.com or by phone +33 (0)1 42 02 35 85.

**The 14-day period is calculated from the date your order is received at home, or from the date it is made available at a relay point.


I'm taking you behind the scenes of the world where a secret story is hidden, a tribute to one of the most charismatic actors of all time: Telly Savalas.

It was a sunny day in the creative bustle of a shoe workshop. I was racking my brains for the ultimate inspiration, a concept that would transcend the boundaries of elegance and style. Suddenly, a powerful, haunting voice echoed through the room, catching my eye (I have a powerful third eye). It was Telly Savalas himself, an icon of the silver screen and television, who had heard of my talents as an exceptional designer. His unrivalled charisma and perfectly oiled bald head seemed to magnetise my attention. He was there to share his story, his essence, and ask me to create a design that would pay tribute to him. I gathered around Telly, hanging on his every word.

Patricia Blanchet

He began to talk about his journey, his desire to push my limits, and above all, his passion for women's shoes.

He succeeded in transporting me into his world, letting me feel the intense emotion that animated him. And so the ideas began to flow, fusing timeless elegance with Telly's bold spirit. I drew on the details of his unique style: the impeccable suits, the sophisticated ties and the sexy sunglasses. And then there was that look, that piercing gaze that was instantly captivating. Inspired by this magnetic aura, I created the Telly. A pair of shoes that embody effortless elegance, with a touch of mystery and daring. The curves of the shoes recall the impeccable lines of his bald head, while the subtle leather shades reflect the intense hues of Telly's eyes.

Patricia Blanchet

When Telly saw the 'Telly' model for the first time, a smile lit up his face. He knew that these shoes embodied the spirit of his heritage, the perfect blend of timeless elegance and his unforgettable charisma as a sensual man.

bottines en cuir noir femme talon haut style vintage Patricia Blanchet

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