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Well, let's not prevaricate today, because yes, we can talk about shoes, repeating that my creations are the most beautiful, the most comfortable and wildly girly out there.

Of course, we can laugh and say that the other brands pale in comparison to our shoes. I know it, you know it, because we get on so well. It's as if we gave birth to each other.
As I've said here before, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll let these beauties crack your armour and reach into your heart.
If I'm so quick to finish with my masterpieces, it's because today is Susan Alexandra Weaver's birthday. Who took the name Sigourney, inspired by one of the characters in The Great Gatsby.

The reason I wanted to pay tribute to this barely human beauty is that, for me, she represents the first badass girl.

For it is she who emerges alone from the Nostromo, while all her companions have been slaughtered by the Alien.

Of course, there were sequels, including Cameron's, which took things a step further, transforming her into a soldier from hell armed with monumental weapons, but the other film in which she revealed the full extent of her exciting sex appeal was Ghostbusters.

She went on to make the never-seen Gorillas in the Mist, and above all Ang Lee's Ice Storm, which is well worth a look. The kind of American production that doesn't really get made any more.

So that's how I leave you, on a note full of joy and happiness, wishing you the most wonderful of weekends. And wearing Patricia, of course.
This will make you want to order a sparkling drink while dancing on the bar:

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