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Today is International Stuttering Awareness Day. So there's no need to repeat that our shoes are stunning.

On the other hand, I think it's important to remember that 1% of the population suffers from it. Which was my case when I was younger.

Apart from that, I wanted to let you know that today, 224 years ago, the first skydiving jump in history took place. It was made by André-Jacques Garnerin, a French balloonist.
He launched himself from the top of a balloon, above the Parc Monceau, in front of an incredulous crowd convinced that he would end up in a pulp.

It was not to be. He lost his life years later while working on the construction of a new balloon. As he was crossing his worksite, a beam fell on his head.

The reason I wanted to thank this man was because, thanks to him, I was able to dream with my eyes wide open in front of Point Break, that film where skydiving gives you a nice adrenalin overdose and allows you to admire the lean musculature of a Patrick Swayze even more irresistible than in Dirty Dancing.

It's a shame he's no longer with us, I would have loved to have taken him in a jacuzzi.

We're also celebrating the birthday of Valeria Golino, a superb actress who never ages and who, not so long ago, looked like Russell Crow.

And last but not least, we're celebrating the birthday of the two girls who make our web service the best in France and the universe, and recognised as such by the entire population of our Milky Way.

These two girls are Julie and Lucile, and yes, you have every right to applaud them in front of your phone screen, even if it means dropping them. They're well worth it.

Yes, we know it. But so what? It doesn't hurt to get off your butt!
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