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Obviously, your shoes say a lot about you, your personality and your expectations.

That's why, when in my seventh year of psychology, I had to decide between specializing in training the Republic's young wolves, the state spies, or creating my own brand of shoes so that girls could be in full possession of their emotional capacities, the choice wasn't very complicated.

So know that when you put on a pair of Patricia shoes, you'll immediately experience convulsions of bliss akin to a Nirvana-like orgasm.

Apart from that, today is Bébel's birthday. And we love Bébel for his stunts, but above all because he played alongside Jean Seberg, who was played in a feature film by Kristen Stewart, whose birthday it is today too.

Isn't it incredible this NL that weaves loops of logic in all directions? I say respect.

Ah, one more thing, today is the anniversary of Monthy Python's Holy Grail.

46 years ago, this absurd farce was released by the English troupe and produced by a whole host of notoriously disgusting patrons including, among others: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Genesis.

Even so, they didn't have enough money to buy horses, so they invented the gag of the squire running alongside the knight, using coconuts to simulate the sound of a horse's footsteps. Distributed in France by Yves Robert, its slogan was "The film that makes Ben-Hur look like a documentary". That's it, and we at Patricia's like it.

It's not from The Holy Grail, but it's damn good to hear all the same.

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