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Of course, I could just send you a newsletter without the fabulous texts that accompany them.

I could even leave out the photos and leave the News untouched by visuals, thickening the desire that swells in your chest when you see my little message in your mailbox, which is also blushing with pleasure.
On the agenda today, September 14th, is beauty, booties and good cheer. And I hope you'll be happy to know that our shoes are now available in San Antonio and Wellington.

Apart from that, what are we celebrating on September 14th?

Well, a lot of things, but I wanted to take a moment to focus on Howard Deutch, a director of second-rate comedies, who is celebrating his 71st birthday today.

Well, not really on him, but rather on his wife Lea Thompson, who rocked my world in 1985 when she starred in Back to the Future as Marty's mother.
In addition to her appearances in Burger King commercials, she was the lead actress in one of the biggest flops in the film industry. A flop orchestrated by George Lucas, who saw in Howard the Duck a way to launch a franchise based on a Marvel hero.

Unfortunately, the film was reviled by critics and shunned by audiences. But what could be more moving than to be part of one of the greatest dreck in the history of cinema?
So just for that, Léa, even if it's not your birthday today, know that we love you like a glass of lukewarm rosé loves its ice cube. Hugs and congratulations.

I have no idea why I had this in mind when writing this newsletter, but there you have it:

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