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I hope your Easter weekend went well, and that you spared your liver from some of the bad chocolate that's been going around, seemingly wanting to do away with some of the population.

All joking aside, I hope you're recharged to take charge of your life and get it back on track towards bliss.
In case you need a kick in the pants, here's a list of things to make your best friends giggle. After all, it can sometimes be fun to make them jealous by waving your latest acquisition in their face. Your latest Patricia Blanchet, even more beautiful than hers, even shinier, even sexier. Sometimes, a little competition between mates adds a little spice to our lives. There's more to life than bungee jumping and kundalinî yoga.

Apart from that, Eliot Ness was born on April 9, 1903. So do we really care about Ness? Probably not. But we do about his fictional double, played by Kevin Costner.
Why? You ask. Because I saw de Palma's 1987 film The Untouchables 4 times at the cinema at the time.

It really was a new, very modern way of making a gangster film, with De Niro, who had put on over twenty kilos as a super-violent Capone, Sean Connery, who was well aware of his baldness, and Kevin Costner, all new and handsome, a little annoying as the moralizing father, but much less so than Andy Garcia, sure of his Cuban handsomeness with his oil-licked hair.

All the same, this film is a jewel, a lesson in staging that pays homage to, among others, Battleship Potemkin, all wrapped up in a score by Ennio Morricone that grips both the guts and the steaks.

In short, Brian de Palma's version of The Untouchables is serious business. On that note, a tender kiss.

A little song from under the counter, just to say that today is the birthday of their singer Alan Price. And even if they didn't originate the song, this modernized version is still a beast of a song.

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