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HELLO - 25/03/22

Today is International Procrastination Day.

So it's fair to say that our teams have been thinking about whether or not to write a newsletter to encourage you to keep up with the laziness.

But to tell the truth, I didn't have the heart to leave your inboxes empty. Instead, I'd rather have armed conflicts procrastinate, as well as the media.

After two years of intensive Covid media treatment with its on-air experts. We're back to more or less the same people who have become conflict specialists, taking the airwaves hostage 24 hours a day to spout fear-mongering and make sense of all the inflations that are looming, if not nuclear war.

And I'm telling you, the only sparks worth having are the ones you put at your feet.

So what else happened on March 25th? 31 years ago, Dances with Wolves triumphed at the Oscars, winning a whole slew of awards.

I remember that at the time Thierry Frémont compared the script to an episode of Little House on the Prairie. I was outraged and said to myself: "Who is this buffoon? ". And yet, years later, I can't help but see the truth of what he said.

Even if the scenery remains sublime, and the music splendid, written by John Barry, Jane Birkin's first husband. OK, so that's a bit too Paris Match for my taste. But if I stoop to that, it's because it was on March 25th and in 1949 that this gaudy magazine was born.

You'll find the weight of the words and the shock of the photos in this newsletter, not in a weekly newspaper which, under the guise of showing the raw reality of violence, didn't hesitate to use barbaric images on its front page just to boost circulation. So you can see that BFM and its ilk have come full circle, and their sales revenue is always the same.

Personally, I'll let you procrastinate for as long as you like, because that's when the light will shine, and it looks like you're going to need it, given the rise in energy prices that's just around the corner. On that note, I send you big hugs full of love and respect.

In memory of our good times at the Hotel Amour :

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