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Well, I've got some good news. First of all, it's March the 9th, but oh surprise, it's still Women's Rights Day.

And it'll be the same tomorrow, the day after, and so on. There's no way we're giving back this day, which is ours and that of all humankind until the end of time, so you've been warned, guys.

Anyway, I'm still thinking very fondly of you and I think I can, without hesitation, declare this season to be the most beautiful and brilliant of my achievements, which are also yours. In any case, you inspire me so much that I can't help but achieve great things.

Apart from that, today is the birthday of Linda Fioretino, an actress I'm very fond of, not only because she appeared in one of my favourite films, After Hours, but also and above all in Last Seduction, a 1994 thriller in which she was finally able to reveal the full extent of her talent as an actress.
She went on to star in Kevin Smith's Dogma, a film for which she refused to do promotional work because the marketing team had inflated her breasts on the poster without her permission.

The kind of thing that can make a difference to the way people think. Well done Linda, I love you, wherever you are and especially if you read my News baby.

I'll leave you with a nice little funk that's good for the soul.

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