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Our newsletters come and go, but they're never the same. No one could ever accuse us of sounding like Xavier Bertrand on Tuesdays and François Baroin on Fridays.

Because we sell everything but lies, we sell a wind of freedom that blows on your sun kissed necks in Salvador de Bahia. You haven't been to Brazil? Never mind, Inch', you'll go next summer.

In the meantime, take your time screen-shopping in front of this seductive collection mia that I've been meticulously preparing for 10 years before I was certain it was perfect, suited to your sultry, sensual steps.

Apart from that, I wanted to share a warm little thought about Anthony Quinn. Why Anthony Quinn? Because he plays a secondary role in Last Action Hero, a 90s action flop, and when I saw him I realised that I didn't know much about his career, even though he's appeared in over 250 films, many of them B-movies or even G-movies.

The son of a Mexican woman and a father of Irish origin, he fought against stereotypes for a long time, quickly tiring of the Indian and villain roles that the studios kept offering him.

He followed Brando on stage in A Streetcar Named Desire under Kazan's direction, opening the doors of credibility for him.

He went on to make Viva Zapata, La Strada, Lawrence of Arabia and Aléxis Zorbàs, to name but a few, before retiring to become a painter and sculptor.

I'll finish by telling you that he was married for a long time to Katherine DeMille, the adopted daughter of Cecil B. DeMille, the director of blockbusters such as The 10 Commandments.

On that note, friday night hug, ladybug.

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