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For this last weekend in August, which feels like the end of summer when in fact we've got 3 weeks left, not counting the Indian we'll be drinking (Orangina + Grenadine).

I wanted to give you some delicious visual delights so that you can look your best when you go to work from home, take your children to school, or take a break because you're not like everyone else and you're lucky enough to be able to leave after the flood of holidaymakers burdened by their offspring's school schedules.

If you're ever at home and don't have the chance to go paragliding over the Lake of Annecy, you could gently open a bottle of Pisco, mix yourself some cocktails and watch White Lotus hungrily.

It's pretty ugly visually, but quite fun to watch. The characters are as neurotic as you want them to be, on the wrong side of the tracks or simply at the end of the road.

It's a game of massacre where the characters fall apart as neatly as if Bill Murray had made a strike with their souls.

It's good, but it's not as funny as Dekalog or Taste of Cherry. Comparison is not reason.

With these fine words, I leave you with this banquet for your feet that Plato would not have disowned.

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