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All good things come to an end.

And in that sense, it's time for me to draw a line under the Patricia Blanchet adventure.

We've had 9 years of pure, intense happiness, full of unctuous waves and uninterrupted cuddles.
It was an adventure like no other, making our relationship unique and galvanising my creativity and hunger for flesh.

There will be a before and an after Patricia Blanchet, the woman who made your feet shine and made you accept your own great personality. Thanks to your unparalleled love and trust, I've been able to surpass myself with each new pair of shoes, offering you the best on earth.
So it's with a heavy heart that I close this lively episode in my life by making you an interstellar promise that I'll never forget you. You can be sure of that.

I'll even make sure I have your memory engraved all over my body. Take care of yourself at all times and never forget that it's April first. So this was all just a big joke to get your emotional juices flowing.

Yes, I'm sorry that's not very nice, but guess what? To make up for it, and for all those who have read all of this news, I'm offering you a 10€ discount code, so you can go and buy yourself a bit of fun.

Never forget that they were the bosses in the second half of the 90s:

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