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Patricia is going to make you happy.

Usually, your favourite brand's newsletters are written on the day they are published, so that they are an accurate reflection of the moment. A sort of Carpe Diem of the shoe in short. But times have changed: at the end of the year, the government has asked us to make an effort.

So Patricia Blanchet, so as not to have to shelter me for too long, to avoid excess electricity, decided to make me write your favourite missives on the assembly line. When she said that, I nearly threw my little notebook on the floor and jumped on it in a rage. But I held back my emotions (thanks to a podcast on the balance of imbalance) and listened to what the boss had to say. Without sounding like Bruno Lemaire, she insisted on standing tall in her boots (superb blue Tornadoes). She explained to me that we had to put up a united front and pull together if we wanted to get through the winter peacefully.

Naturally, I could only applaud this decision, which seemed to me to make perfect sense. As much as I have strong feelings about vaccines, I also have strong feelings about this economic quest. So I stayed at home, cloistered like a bogeyman, looking for the divine light that would strike your retinas. I'm going to wish you a good evening and ask you to wish Steve Buscemi, who is turning 65 today, a happy birthday. It's amazing how quickly time flies with this hard-working actor, who made a splash in American cinema in the 90s and beyond. The guy has worked with the best: Jarmusch, me, the Coens, me again, Tarantino, Altman, Carpenter. All big names, and that's a pretty good match for a newsletter dedicated to shoes. So check out Wedding Singer or The Hudsucker Proxy, in which he delivers performances worthy of Jean-François Balmer. While we wait for Christmas to arrive, I'll be blowing kisses all over your feet.

20 years after their first album, or almost, the Strokes returned a few months ago with this final opus, and here's a track from it:

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