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Here we are, past mid-December, and the end of the year is looming like the shadow of Alain Prost's nose on the wall of your past season.

Because here we are, 2022 is drawing to a close, and it's time to take stock of your year - or rather, to draw a line, which is always better than snorting one. What did you think of it? And did you do all you could to live up to the expectations you had at the start of the year? Did you go to the pool and gym as much as you'd planned? Did you firm up that leg that was jiggling like gelatin? And if not, who cares? Did you go back to therapy to find out what was so deeply wrong with you? Or did you prefer to go completely mad, choosing to invest in Patricias rather than a shrink who will never advance your hopeless cause? Did you leave the guy who was making you so unhappy, as planned, or did you opt for a little cowardice on the pretext of the children, who didn't expect so much from you? Did you stop smoking cigarettes? Reefers?

Have you stopped closing bars, as you swore to your BFFs who are sick and tired of picking you up with a spoon on Sundays of severe depression? Have you resumed reading a book a week? Watching one film a night and listening to one podcast a day, as you promised yourself on January 1st 2022? Yes ? Good for you, and if not, welcome to the club of those who don't give a flying eyelash about it. Here, we don't see red, we just drink it and look back on what we've accomplished as not so bad, if not downright brilliant. It may not look like the initial picture we'd set ourselves, but gosh, it was a good try, even better.

You can be proud of yourself because never forget that you've done everything you could. And you know you did your best. There's no point in rewinding the VHS and making the film again. It's where you wanted it to be. Be proud of yourselves and see the best in every situation. Finally, on December 16, 77, Saturday Night Fever premiered in New York. I like John Badham and I love John Travolta, but this film, apart from its dance scenes on the illuminated floor, doesn't do much for me. But it was important to name them, because Badham went on to direct Wargames and Travolta starred in Grease, a film that committed its responsibility to my love of musicals and hair gel. On that note, I'll leave you to it, as I need to finish shopping for my Christmas presents and dip into my collection to give beautiful booties to those I love and who will be celebrating Christmas Eve with me.

Never forget that REM was, for a time, a huge band that brought joy to my ears. Here's something to clean yours:

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