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Patricia takes you in her arms and comforts you, just in case this evening gives you a fright.

Tonight's a mid-week party. So you can do whatever you want. You can lie motionless on your bed, binge-watching a TV series, or you can take to the streets in search of Halloween adrenaline. It's up to you, because tomorrow you'll be able to slobber on your pillow in peace, while outside, the festival of the dead rages on... oh, despair!

Do what you want tonight, but please do it in front of my site, because you have to use positive psychology. There are many ways to use it. You can read, listen to podcasts, read books, go deep into the Ardèche to take the plunge and reprogram your soul, dented by life and bad encounters with dominant males and narcissistic perverts. Here, you'll be able to take back the reins of your existence with full awareness, open to the world as you would open a window on the universe, as Immanuel Kant so aptly put it.

However, the clearest and most definitive way to access another state of consciousness made up of joy, congas, singing cocktails and mouth-watering dishes, is to put on one of my pairs. They're made up of waves of joy and ions of happiness. My shoes have a social dimension recognized by therapists concerned with the well-being of others, and they perform functions that no other accessory or object can. And why? Because...

Never forget that Pulp were Britpop's greatest band for one unforgettable album:

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